Costa Rica…here we come

Can you believe it, John and I are going to Costa Rica for a whole month. We were first in Costa Rica  for New Year’s Eve 2009 at a wonderful resort called Grand Papagayo. It was absolutely beautiful and we both had a great time. We fell in love with the sights, sounds and mostly the Ticos (people of Costa Rica). We had a great time lazing at the beach or pool, drinking up the atmosphere (and of course…a number of those refreshing tropical drinks) seeing the sights, meeting new friends (Hey to Lance and Elga !)  In keeping with Beyonce, we loved it so much we had to go back.

So after some research and hand wringing we found a lovely little condo that we are going to be renting from March 29 – April 29. The condo is in a little fishing village Playas Del Coco (Coco Beach) about 40 minutes from Liberia. It is a two bedroom apartment fully furnished with all the fixings including kitchen, dining room, balcony and swimming pool and is a 2 minute walk to the beach and 10 – 15 into town.   At least that’s what the ads say, I will time it out and let you all know. Check out the link and watch the video.  Over 1000 sq ft Condo Near Beach and Attractions!

Once the condo was booked, we arranged for the flights and will be flying down in 4 days (still pinching myself). We will be leaving at 10am and there are 2 stops (Chicago and Houston) and arriving in Liberia at about 7pm. John found a fellow Canadian, who is living in the same town, who blogs about the sites and adventures of CR, is a professional musician and also helps out fellow travelers with airport shuttle and day trips etc. Brad will be picking us up at the airport and taking us to the condo. We thought it would be good to have someone who spoke english and knew the area to help get us settled. Hopefully we will also be booking a couple of trips with him to see the sights and check out the local hangouts.

It’s amazing how much needs to be done before leaving and John has been working his buns off getting his work and all the house stuff  in order. I also have been busy…. shopping, getting all the things we’ll need while we’re away….sun screen, bathing suits, summer dresses. All that important stuff and oh yeah an ebook reader. John pushed me (haha) into buying a Kobo from Chapters and it is preloaded with 100 classics and has wifi so can be loaded anywhere with wireless internet connection.

We will be renting an Internet stick and cell phone while away so we will be accessible and will call on Skype. More in later updates…..

So friends and family stay tuned to follow our adventure, stay warm and PURA VIDA (Costa Rica expression for “Good Life”)


5 responses to “Costa Rica…here we come

  1. Rosie and John, this is so exciting! What a great adventure you both will have. I’ll be visiting this blog regularly to see how you are doing! Have lots of fun and cocktails!

  2. Hi John and Rosie…. I know you have never met me Rosie, but if you are married (so-to-say) to my long time friend John, you must be an “exceptionally wonderful person.” Maybe we’ll meet one day! I just wanted to wish you both a wonderful “FUN” month in Costa Rica.
    Be safe and ENJOY! ~ What an adventure!!!!
    Sharon & Harry

    PS – I’m going to be making a pitcher of that lime drink you posted. ~ Welllllll…. when we get some warmer weather and can sit out on our patio and pretend we are in COSTA RICO!! 😉

  3. Sharon,
    John has told me lots about you and Harry and hopefully we will meet one day and share a pitcher of Caiprinhas together. Thanks for your well wishes and hopefully you will check in occasionaly to see what mischief John and I get up to and I am sure you know what kind of trouble John can rouse up all by himself.

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