Hola from Coco Beach

Well here we are folks. We have arrived in Playas Del Coco. The flight was certainly an interesting adventure. Getting up at 6am just to make sure everything is crossed off the list. What would we do without our lists….pack, turn off the lights, water, heat etc and the calendar entry leaving for Costa Rica (just in case you forgot). As I mentioned in our first note, 2 stops along the way  Toronto, Chicago, Houston and finally Liberia. It certainly makes for a long day but makes the adventure worth while.

We finally arrived in Liberia at around 7:30pm and were  met by Brad, the Scottish Canadian jazz player who was kind enough to drive us from the airport. give us a quick tour around town and then to the villa. Hope to take some trips with Brad to the Arsenal Volcano, the waterfalls and hopefully to Nicaragua once we have had a chance to settle in. Had Pizza at the La Dolce Vita, a local italian restaurant that makes great pizza and homemade pasta, back to the condo, a quick Hennessy brandy that we picked up at the duty-free and into bed. Long day makes for good sleeping.

Wednesday morning we both woke up at 6:30am surprisingly with the cacophany of new sounds including a rooster at 4:30 am, a band of howling monkeys, parrots, mourning doves which must have followed us from Canada and the roar of the ocean. What a nice way to start a new day.

The rest of the day included getting some coffee, food and of course some wino. Walking along the beach at high noon is not recommended as the sand (which is black volcanic sand) will burn your feet. John managed to run to the ocean for a quick swim and took a few pictures.

Here are a few pics to whet your appetites. The boats that are anchored in the bay which is a 2 minute walk, the sunset and the pool right outside our door.


4 responses to “Hola from Coco Beach

    • Hi Susan,
      Yes the water, both in the ocean and the pool is warm. John has been in the ocean and almost got carried away….oh well maybe next time. The pool is great and it’s a great place to meet everyone here. There are 8 condos, some partners, a couple of families and some locals, but everyone is very friendly. We were going to go to a local pub/restaurant for happy hour but decided to hang out here instead. We will try and call you later and catch up the news with you and Mum.

  1. Looks like a great place. We had a great day at the cottage. Had a glass of wine and a cigar by the outside woodstove. Looked at the stars, had a nice dinner. Alas still a bit of snow on the ground and the lake still has ice on it. But not for long. The sunset looks lovely. Take good care. Love, Myrna and Steve

    • Hey Myrna and Steve,
      Sounds like you are having a great weekend. The only ice we know of here comes from the fridge and straight into the drink glasses.

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