Lovin’ Coco Beach

We are absolutely loving Coco Beach. It is even more than we could ask for and you know what John (Juan) could get into…. It is almost a week that we have been here and though I don’t like the count down, it puts a lot of things into perspective. For example, if we were on a regular one week holiday, today we would be planning the packing, how to get a taxi for the morning etc. But instead, we are thinking about whether we should go into town to the grocery store or the local convenience store to pick up a few more things, do we want fish or chicken, red or white wine or whether we should go out for dinner. I love the indecision and making the selection only as required.

Even though we have been here just under a week, we are settling into a routine of sorts. We wake early (the rooster and howling monkeys start around 4:30) and the lights starts shining in through the windows. We get up, make a pot of coffee and go for a walk on the beach. Amazing the activity. Back to the condo for some fruit. The gardener brought us a couple of mangos from the trees across the street, fresh local pineapple and bananas (for John that is).

I was going to post a number of pictures that John has taken but with the magic of computers they have managed to disappear so unfortunately John is going to have to retake a number of great shots.

I admit I have been somewhat lax in posting to this blog and hope to correct that over the next couple of days if my schedule will allow.

Adios !!


2 responses to “Lovin’ Coco Beach

  1. Hi Rosie,
    It just sounds wonderful. Lots of time to get more photo’s as well.
    (Computers are great until they delete something into the ethers forever. )
    Your days sounds relaxed and easy. Just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Ah, those early morning walks on the beach, returning to fresh fruit and the big decision of the day: red or white.
    love you both.

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