Another great day in paradise

Yesterday John and I had an  amazing day, we went on a charter boat that is run by a family just down the road from our condo. Everyone in the condo was telling us what a great trip it was and what a great deal for $35 US each. We walked down to the beach to wait for their little run about to take us out the boat in the harbour, but first we had to pass this enormous pig that was tied up in the lane way.  I think it was a pet of the neighbours that they probably keep to scare off the touristas.  We hope to go back for another trip before we leave and hopefully we will get a picture of mister piggy then.

Once everyone was on the boat (there were about 30 people which is a small crowd as the season is slowing down) the captain took us a little cruise around the different bays for about an hour.  They served fresh fruit in the air conditioned cabin and the captain found some dolphins that  followed us around for awhile.

We were then taken to a remote beach which can only be reached by boat and were taken ashore in the little dinghy. They provided sea kayaks for 2 people as well as snorkel gear, but the day was a little rough so John couldn’t see a lot with his gear. The waves on the beach were amazing though and it was great fun wave riding. The crew also brought a cooler onto the beach as well and sold cold drinks and cervazas fortunately which helped get rid of the salt water taste in your mouth when a wave knocks you about (at least that was John’s excuse).

On the beach there was a cave where the tide washed in and there was also a path to the top of the hill that quickly dropped off but showed a great view of the bay.

On the way back we had another little cruise and they served sold refreshments as well…. a nice potato salad, black bean dip and guacamole with chips and lots of fruit. Everyone seemed a  lot friendlier and a lot redder on the return trip. All in all, a great time was had by all and we would go back in a heartbeat. The crew were really great, very helpful and friendly and it certainly was an ideal trip. I wonder if Captain John would consider doing something like this but we would both need to work on our Spanish. As much as you think you know, it is never enough.


One response to “Another great day in paradise

  1. Sounds like an amazing day. I can’t believe the price for the all day charter. What a deal.
    Love the photo’s!

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