Juanito es mucho loco et contento

Oh that man of mine….he is so handsome and obviously chilling  here in Coca Beach. I think John has only shaved once since we have been here and you can tell from the look in his eyes that he is actually starting to relax.  Not that he is TENSE but he does tend to get a little carried away before these major expeditions that HE  has recommended. Holy smoke, the lists that he made and the notes on all the things we had to do before we left. You would think we were going away for a year…..wonder what he will be like when I tell him we’ll  be coming back for 3 months the next time.

Can you imagine living here for three months…… HELL yes (as Megan, my niece would say). We were thinking about it today as we were walking along the beach this morning…..the woman doing her yoga, the WAY cute guy with the huge muscles swimming in the ocean, watching the hermit crabs, wave jumping and that’s before 9 AM. Damn this is a wonderful place to be. We figured if we stayed for 3 months it would probably cost half the price of a month. The condo rents for  “long term stays”  (3 months or more) are  $500 US and all you have to worry about is food, booze and sun screen. Speaking of which I have never seen John as tanned as he is now. I admit I am WAY darker than him but I have always tanned better than most except for my sister Rea (I am ready to challenge her to a bake off….. lol)

We called Rea and the girls last night and were gloating a little…..okay a lot. I think it would be absolutely fabulous for them to come down and the second bedroom has a king sized bedroom that has their name on it. Come and join us !!. We also heard that it was 19 degrees on Monday and 9 degrees today in Toronto…..bet it wouldn’t take much to talk them into coming here where it has been 34 as the high and 22 as the low.

We have been here now for two weeks and are only now starting to get moving. We have planned a 2 day trip with one of our neighbours and going to Arenal, a local active volcano , a waterfall and a wild cat sanctuary on the first day. Spending the night in Arenal and then going to Monetverde Mountain which is a rain forest with great canopys, suspension bridges, zip lining, horse back riding etc and then back to the condo. Another neighbour Danny, who owns a couple of the condos here and apparently flies in every three weeks and back to Louisiana, has asked John to join him for some deep sea fishing next week. They will be fishing for grouper, mahi mahi, snapper etc and John won’t be able to come back until they catch, clean and cook dinner ….although I am thinking a shopping trip in town may be  in order while they are away having a good time.

There is a local kid who comes around and sells the most humongous shrimp I have ever seen, 1 kilo for $10 US  which we are going to buy the next time he is here and marinate with lemon, garlic and olive oil and I am sure be the hit the party…stay tuned for pictures….

Love to all and I hope you are enjoying our “rambling” about Costa Rica.


2 responses to “Juanito es mucho loco et contento

  1. Hell ya’, I agree too. Steve and I could be there in a jiffy. Love the rambling. Sign me up for 3 months. I’ll even do dishes!
    Lots of love, Myrna

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