Gone Fishing !!

John here again, woke up at 5:30 this morning with a Tequila hangover – shit! (my niece understands). I’m a bit early but can’t trust myself to doze-off – I’m going deep sea fishing!

I had set up the coffee pot last night, flicked it on, made toast and met the guys at 6:45, and we headed to Ocatala beach where a twin diesel 34ft fishing boat with a crew of three were waiting for us.

Before you know it, we are pounding through the waves into the mysterious blue horizon – destination, about 35 miles straight out.

My family knows that a good captain and crew make a successful fishing trip. While we where underway, the crew were setting up the trolling bait etc so when we hit the fishing grounds, we were ready for some serious business.

Please remember my very sensitive condition – here I am in a boat in pounding waves, sun barely coming up, sucking in diesel fumes with a Tequila hangover in the South Pacific – finally one of the crew handed me a very cold and frosty beer – I could have kissed him!

We hit the fishing grounds, captain on watch from the fly bridge, two crew hands running eight lines (three on each fishing arm, port and starboard, and two off the stern) and wham, we get our first hit. The crew sets the hook and handed me the rod – my fist mahi mahi!

The captain shouted – tuna and we were off again.

You could see the water churning, the tuna rolling at the surface feeding. We backed the boat into the frenzy and started casting – bang, bang hit after hit. Some got away, some didn’t.

During the lulls, the crew filleted the fish. I noticed they would slice off small segments, dip them in sea water for salt and eat them – the ultimate sushi! Hey Senor how about us gringos? They laughed and were pleased that we liked the same things they did.

With food fish in the boat, we decided to troll for a trophy Sail Fish!

Two fruitless hour of trolling on a rolling ocean under the hot sun and we are about ready to give up! We have seen a few sails break the surface but decide it is not our day and agree to try for Rooster fish which run around 100lbs.

Just that second, wham a strike on the port rig and then wham again, this time on the starboard rig. The two crew hands were on the rods setting the hooks in a flash. We looked out to the stern of the boat and two giant Sail fish rose out of the water and danced backwards on their tails – unbelievable!!

The lines crossed, the crew were frantically switching one rod over the other trying to separate them. It worked. I jumped into the fish fighting chair and the other John grabbed a waist harness and we both started to work. John managed to land his while I was till fighting mine. You can see me in the chair while he is having his picture taken with his fish.  I kept on fighting the fish. By this time the blisters on my hand had broken and I was down to raw flesh – Dan offered to poured water on my hands to help but I couldn’t feel the pain anyway. Why wouldn’t this fish come up? When we finally did landed the fish we discovered why – it was over 9 feet long and full of muscle and really didn’t want to be caught. Guess it took about half an hour to bring him in and I was exhausted. Dan suggested that I could have him mounted but I don’t have a wall large enough to a 9ft fishing trophy. We took our pictures and released him back into the ocean. Pura Vida baby!!

I was whipped but we still went after the Rooster fish which Richard caught using a 5 lb live bait, he weighed in at over 110lbs. We released him and headed for home. We dropped off some of the tuna and mahi mahi at a local restaurant on the way home, they prepared it for a great seafood feast that night (after showers etc) for us, our wives and the crew – what a day!!

Hard to believe this story but it happened and you will see the pics!


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