Semana Santa

This week is Semana Santa (Holy Week) for most Latin, Catholic countries. It seems that everyone from San Jose books the week off and flocks to the beaches. Coco is jammed back with folks. All the empty condos are taken up by Ticos who come to relax and hang out at the beach. There are large families including grandparents all the way down to bambinos who spend the day on the beach in the shade enjoying swimming, fishing, jet skis, sea kayaks and boogie boards. Everyone has huge coolers full of food and there are vendors going up and down the beach selling tacos, empanadas, snow cones (but they don’t call them that).

We ate dinner in town on Wednesday night after John’s fishing adventure (you HAVE to see that post when John gets it finished) and the town was absolutely packed. There were no parking spots, people were walking up and down the strip, drinking and partying. We were thankful that our condo  is far enough away from town so we didn’t hear much of the commotion.

On Wednesday night at 10 PM until Saturday morning, they stop selling booze at all the stores and restaurants. They only do that  this week and during elections, not even during Christmas or New Years do they stop selling booze. So everyone was stocking up……the stores had stocked all their shelves and all the delivery vans were jamming as much product as they could into store rooms and families were wheeling huge carts of beer into their vans just in case they ran out.

On Saturday afternoon everything opened up again and the bars were hoping. There is a beach bar  just at the bottom of town called La Vida Loca where you could hear the music jamming and people were having a great time. At least we think it was this bar, you could hear the music all the way from town. We ambled down to Cafe de Playa and had a drink and took in the scenery.

After a couple of more drinks on the balcony, John cooked up some of the Mahi Mahi he caught and we called it a night. The days seems so long here when the birds and monkeys wake you up at 5 am or earlier but that is a sacrifice we are willing to make.


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