Incredible Views

One afternoon our neighbour Danny, the man who took John fishing, invited us out for a drive so we grabbed a couple of drinks and climbed into his Toyota 4X4. If you drive anywhere in Costa Rica other than the main streets you need to have a heavy duty truck that will handle the potholes and go up and down huge hills. We drove about 15 minutes through a luxury condo complex that has been built by the likes of Bjorn Borg et al and arrived at some of the most beautiful views.

Apparently Bill Gates heard we were in Costa Rica looking to buy some land and decided to beat us to it and bought 9 acres of land for $35M with views of Playa Hermosa, Coco and a couple of others. Good thing we didn’t get into a bidding war.

This is a view of Hermosa from the hill top. This beach is right next to Coco beach but has white sand and lots of shells to collect. No one is sure why one beach will be volcanic black sand with no shells but nice and firm for walking, the next white sand with tons of shells but difficult to walk and then the next brown sand……oh the mysteries of Costa Rica.

Here is another view of some islands where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and a couple of other famous folks have their “cottages” I can just imagine what their homes look like.

Down the other side of the hill we reach a small beach where a couple of Ticos have arrived by boat. They has snorkel and fishing gear and caught bags of octopus, lobsters and clams. We were hoping for a dinner invitation but no such luck.

Up another hill and down the other side on the way home for the view of Playas del Coco.

And all this only 15 minutes away, but the beers are empty and we’re getting thirsty so it’s back to the condo for another cervza and dinner.


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