Missing Coca Beach

We have been back two weeks now and man-o-man are we missing Costa Rica  😦  Waking up in the morning we can hear the lament of mourning doves but it’s not the same without the roosters, howling monkeys or the clanging of the mangoes. (I probably shouldn’t be saying this but I think the guys are going to bring their BB guns next year and we’re going to have dove stew. Those things make such a racket.)

No more going for walks on the beach or hot hot temperatures or tequila for breakfast. We could still drink the tequila but it just wouldn’t be the same. Even though we have come back to some nice weather, the magnolia and cherry trees are blooming, spring flowers have almost finished and the grass needs mowing,  it sure is cold. We’re used to 34 not 14 degrees C.

So before we get back into our everyday rut I thought I would send out a couple of pics just to warm us up.

Here are two of the many iguanas that guard our condo, the green one in the tree behind us and the brown one on the BBQ hut in front.

On one of our last days in Coco we decided to check out one of the local beach bars, La Vida Loca, that is geared to the touristas. It’s run by a couple of Yanks with all the fancy drinks, good old rock and roll and regular diner fare like burgers etc.  ….no sign of Ricky Martin though.

To get to the bar we walk down the beach from the condo and cross this rickety old bridge. Don’t think I would want to navigate this one after too many margaritas.

I had a drink called a Frog in a Glass which was Vodka, cranberry juice, more booze and a couple of diced limes that got stuck in the straw while drinking so that by the time you were finished it really did taste like a frog. Think I’ll pass on that one next time.

After lunch we ambled into town and checked out the souvenir shops and did some haggling with my amigas.

And then back to the condo for a swim to get out of the heat where John contemplates how we are going to do this all again next year.


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