Paradise Found !!

Well, here we are finally back in Costa Rica. I thought this day would never get here. The trek was a bit long, including an overnight stay at the airport Hilton in Chicago, an early morning wakening to catch our 8am takeoff and then a five hour flight, but I’d say it was worth it for five weeks in our tropical paradise. The other good thing is we gained two hours and with the flight being a half hour early we were here in time for lunch.

While we were waiting in Toronto to start the first leg of the trip, we thought we would have a drink to celebrate.

A lot of changes at the Liberia airport since the last time we were here. They have built a new larger terminal with air conditioning so you don’t sweat to death waiting for your bags or to clear customs. It is amazing how hot 35 degrees C is from 15 in Toronto and Chicago.

Danny, a friend  John went fishing with last year and whom we rented the condo from was good enough to pick us up. Driving through Coco Beach to the condos he pointed out a number of changes, including a new casino, a new state of the art hospital, a couple of new restaurants and the finished boardwalk. Life is looking up in Playa del Coco and we are looking forward to exploring them all.

Once we had changed from our winter gear i.e. removed jackets, long pants, shirts, sock and shoes and donned more appropriate hot weather togs, shorts, tees and flip flops, Danny drove us to the grocery store to stock up. That had to be one of the fastest shopping trips ever….we were so anxious to get ourselves back to the condo for a swim and a drink and to get settled.  Now that’s what I call “chillin”.

After a couple of hours to relax we head out to dinner with Danny to Papagayo Seafood for sashimi. Coco Beach has such great fish  but not necessarily the technique for sushi, so they generally provide sashimi which is sliced fish with wasabi, ginger and salad on the side. They also have some great rolls, including small fried soft shell crabs and a shrimp cocktail with six of the largest shrimp every. And of course a little vino blanco to wash it all down. (Sorry – Forgot to take the camera)

All in all, dinner was nice and then back to the condo for a couple of nightcaps before heading to bed.


One response to “Paradise Found !!

  1. Hi Rosie,
    So you’re back in paradise, eh! 35C sounds sooo good. We seem to be stuck
    in eternal rain here.
    Have fun working on your tan you two.

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