Back in the land of mangos and monkeys

We are having a wonderful time back in the land of fruit, sand and sunshine. So much fun in fact I have been neglecting my blogging duties so I am here to remedy that.

Our first full day back, Monday Mar 26, was actually very full of activities.  Danny talked John into going for a 5 kilometer “walk” at 7:30 AM.  He knocked on the bedroom window so John didn’t really have a way to get out of it. I, however, was able to turn over and go back to sleep. They walked along the beach toward town then cut past the seafood and meat stores and the school where all the kids were dressed in their uniforms.  The walk through town is quite a bit warmer than walking on the beach but going in the early morning makes it a little more bearable.

While John was out exercising, I finally got up, made a pot of coffee, had a swim and sat by the pool catching a few rays. It`s a tough job but someone has to do it.

After we had another swim Danny took us to a little cafe for lunch. These cafes are called sodas and sell what they call typical Costa Rican food.  This one is called Los Pelones which means “the hairless” or the “bald guys”. Not exactly sure why cause none of these folks looked bald.

They are set up buffet style and offer a nice variety of items, such as stewed beef, chicken, smoked pork ribs and of course the standard beans and rice.   The beans are usually simmered for a number of hours along with garlic, onions, cumin, bacon so they are so tender and tasty and are great over the steamed rice and anyone who knows me knows I can eat rice or pasta any time. All the restaurants also provide a variety of salads, from a basic green to coleslaw, beets, potato etc. The prices are great and cost about 3,000 colones which is about $6 US. They give you tons of food and you are full for the rest of the day .

After lunch we headed out to pick some fruit. There are a number of mangos trees right across from the condo but there are a number of fields around town that have number of different trees including grapefruit, mandarins and oranges. These are a couple of shots of Danny with his picking stick trying to drop them into John’s bag.

By the time we had finished we had collected two bags full of fruit and had mango pulp all over our feet. There were so many mangos we didn’t have a bowl large enough to keep them in.

For dinner, we picked up some chicken wings and had a cook off between Danny and John. Danny cooked some wings in barbeque sauce while John precooked them and marinaded them in lime, olive oil and garlic. They were both big hits since there weren’t any left over. Hans, is a Tico who lives in the condo above us, joined us for dinner and we caught up on some of the local gossip.

After a long day we called it a night and went off to bed.


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