Mourning for Monkeys

This is the second year we have been to Playa Del Coco in Costa Rica for a month. We have found a really lovely condo complex with ten apartments and a two minute walk across the street to the beach. Every morning starting around 5 am, we are awakened by the roosters, howler monkeys and mourning doves, each of them trying to see which one can make the most noise. I think the older monkeys howl at the little ones to give them heck if they get too carried away. Typical parent !! This makes for an interesting wake up call and gets us motivated to get up to go for a walk before it gets too hot.

All down the street there are a number of large houses with some very old and large mango trees.  On the way to the beach, one can usually see a family of monkeys collecting the ripe mangos. There is the large papa who collects the fruit, the mama who usually watches the little ones or carries a couple on her back as they flit from tree to tree.

We have become used to hearing them in the mornings and it`s cute to watch them literally fly from tree to tree. The mama is always close by in case one of the babies gets carried away or gets into trouble but today I am afraid to say the mama couldn’t help her young one.

All along the road there are the power cables that provide power, cable and internet to the houses. Our family seemed to be jumping through the trees when a little one dropped onto one of the cables and was killed. A number of us in the condo heard the scream and raced out to see the mama jumping down to get the baby but it was too late. She grabbed the little one and ran back to the tree but moments later we heard the young one fall. Everyone in the condo, including Rafa the gardner and Nareen the pool man, was in tears. It is such a shame when something like this happens and you realize how quickly things can change. Being here in Costa Rica is so special, to watch and live with wild life.

On a happier note John and I met a couple of cuties this week. This is Semana Santa (Easter week) when all the city folk flock to the beaches and Coco Beach becomes a party mania. One of the owners in our condo brought his family down for the holidays and we were introduced to Honey and Nicole. Honey is a nine year old Tico who speaks only a little English and Nicole who is four speaks both spanish and english. Everytime we would pass them or get into the pool they would both wave, smile and yell ‘Hola’. Nicole got to like us so much she would come over to the apartment and say “I want to play”. It was lovely to meet the girls  but unfortunately everyone had to go home at the end of the holiday week.


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