Wildlife of Calas Roja

There is such a variety of wild life that live in and around the condo. You’ve heard me mention the howler monkeys, roosters and mourning doves that wake us in the morning. So here are some of the other creatures and living things that hang around.

Here is one of the iguanas that like to bask in the sun. They climb up the trees and sit on the roof keeping an eye on the property.

This is one of the many geckos that come out just as the sun is going down. They usually come in pairs and chase each other around the ceilng of the porch. We also have a `House Gecko’ we call Plecko (how original John). This one flits around the condo during the day and spends the night in the bedroom serenading us while we sleep.

This little creature I found when John and I were going for a swim and I went to get our towels that were hanging up in the bathroom. At first I thought it was a spider but upon closer inspection it turned out to be a scorpion.

I got John to come and get rid of our friend and he flushed it down the toilet. When we told the story to our friends they mentioned that they ususally travel in pairs and while they are not deadly the bite can be painful. I have a feeling that the scorpion was just afraid as we were.

One night after dinner when we sitting on the patio with a glass of vino we had another visitor. This looks like a large locust. It appeared that either a wing or leg was hurt and he kept bouncing along the walls. Come morning he had disappeared but boy he was big.

During some of our time here the red tide has been hanging around the beach. The red tide is a natural phenomenom that is created by algae blooms that absorb the oxygen and kill a lot of the fish that end up on the beach and create a rather unpleasant smell.  It isn’t hazardous to people but not very pleasant to swim in.  Fortunately, it now seems to have gone away. When we were coming back to the condo a couple of nights ago, the beach was clear and the smell was gone. Everyone is pleased to see it go and especially the crabs. There were a number of crabs on the beach and even up by the condo.  This one was on our landing trying to get in when John spotted it.

Even though the mourning doves make one heck of  a racket they can be very cute to watch. There has been a lot of hanky panky going on here and a number of new babies showing up.  Here is a mother with her brood of two hanging out on the limon tree.

Rafa calls this bird ‘loco’ cause it has built a mangy nest and just sits there all day. There doesn’t appear to be any eggs in the nest or mates to get them started. I think we will just have to wait and see what happens.

And the latest addition to Calas Roja family is Shadow. She is a CR local who happened to wander into the complex and was immediately adopted by the owners.  Shadow has gotten to know everyone’s habit and greets Vic and Vera in the morning at 6 am before they go for their walk where she will get her first meal of the day, then Charlotte and Gordon will prepare toast, scrambled eggs and bacon and then crazes for the rest of the day. It certainly is a dog’s life.




One response to “Wildlife of Calas Roja

  1. Hi Rosie and John,
    You’re sharing your pad with some interesting kritter’s! Love the photo’s
    and your posts. Enjoy the rest of your stay. xxx Sue

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