Red Tide Is Gone

Thankfully the red tide has finally gone. The water is clearer, the beaches are cleaner and people are swimming in the ocean again. Coco Beach is still a little stinky but it is the largest beach in the area and it takes a little longer to clear up.

One of the best ways of knowing the condition of the ocean, aside from the smell of course, is talking to the fisherman.  Our good friend Danny had a large fishing party yesterday of about 20 guys from Canada. They had 3 or 4 boats and went out into the deep ocean. When Danny got back I have never seen him so excited…they caught 16 sailfish, all of which were put back into the ocean to be caught another day. Hopefully we can get some photos to post. Fishing has been rough over the last couple of months and only a few large sport fish have been caught including a marlin and some groupers but not nearly as many as usual.

Roy and Hans, our upstairs neighbours, have been waiting patiently for the red tide to go away. They are both avid spear fishermen and like to go to Playa Ocatal which is a smaller beach about 15 minutes away from here. Roy tried his luck on Sunday and came back with 2 small fish and some scallops but yesterday they hit the jackpot. They came back with a great catch of Parrot fish, snappers, langostas and some smaller fish that look like mackerel.

Here is Roy with a one of the fish.

These guys are so excited they still have their wet suits on. Hans is having a great time showing off his catch.

The guys gave John a Parrot fish for our dinner. It was a perfect size fish with a green tail and plenty of meat.  Roy had gutted the fish and John fileted it. The knives in the apartment aren’t exactly the best for this job but you make due with what you have.

John and I usually like to leave the skin on the fish and fry it crispy but you need a really good knife to take the scales off which makes a mess we didn’t want in the apartment.

Once the fish is skinned and fileted it’s ready for the frying pan. We found some oatmeal flour in one of the cupboards and dusted a little on to give the fish a little extra texture. I like to keep a container of crushed garic in olive oil in the fridge, it’s handier than having to chop garlic every time and the oil has time to take on the garlic flavour. We use it for frying, salad dressing, marinades. or rubbing on roasts.

This fish was the perfect size for us and we both had a large filet each. You can’t get fish any fresher than that and you don’t need anything else with it.

If you’re still hungry after that and you’re lucky enough to have your neighbours Gord and Charlotte give you a couple of pieces of home made tiramisu you’ll think you have died and gone to heaven.

After dinner we went up to thank the guys and found them cooking up a storm. Roy is the resident fish chef, who preps and cooks the fish. I don’t think these guys cook that much but when they have fresh fish they certainly cook with a flair. The fish has been cleaned, scaled, beheaded, scored and seasoned with salt and pepper and then into the pan with a bit of oil. Roy doesn’t add any garlic as he prefers the clean taste of the fish.  Also in the pan are a couple of langosta that are fryed up until crispy. Now there’s a great appetizer.

Hans has this wonderful buddha in the apartment that seems to look out for these guys and maybe that’s why they have the luck with the fish.

They still have quite a lot of fish left over so tomorrow Roy is going to show me how to make ceviche.


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