Charlotte’s first birthday in Costa Rica

No, Charlotte is not a new baby, but one of our new friends at Las Calas Roja in Coco Beach. Charlotte and Gordon recently retired to Costa Rica from Vancouver, BC.  They sold their home, gave away most of their stuff, moved to the condo full time last September and have been living la vida loca. (You may remember the post about Pulpo 2 ways in which Gordon prepared grilled octopus one night. It was a huge success. Hopefully he will do it again when we get back…hint, hint).

Gord flew back to Toronto for a couple of weeks  to attend a conference and see his family, then as soon as he got back they jumped into painting their condo. They were going to paint before all their goods arrived from Canada but for one reason or another the task was put off. So for the next week and some the painting progressed, starting with the spare bathroom, the ensuite bathroom, the two bedrooms and finally the main living area and while it doesn’t sound like a lot of work  try painting in 35 Celcius temperature. The pair took to the task in true CR fashion,  every once in a while the painting would stop, sometimes for a day, sometimes only for a couple of hours. One day Gord walked out of the apartment with a small cooler filled with ice and cervazas and Charlotte following right after with glasses and towels…..Happy Hour was on, enough work for today. Now isn’t that the best way to work the expression “mañana” ??

One day Charlotte announces that it’s her birthday and her first in CR so we decided it was something to celebrate…anything to go out for a drink, have dinner and not have to cook. So off we went to meet some more new friends and party.

There are a number of restaurants and bars right on the beach where you can go  have at drink at Happy Hour and watch the sunset. The dinners are not very expensive and you can have a really great evening. Donde Claudio y Gloria ( was to be the venue for the evening. It has a great selection and the views are breath taking.

Gord was nominated official blog photographer and captured a number of great shots for me.

Isn’t this a beautiful place and what a view.

The food was good with a variety of dishes. Enough to please everyone. Here are a couple of samples.

In case you haven’t heard, Rica and Beans are two of the main staples of Costa Rica and served with just about everything. Charlotte ordered deep fried calamari that came with …guess what.

One of the interesting things about grocery shopping in Costa Rica are the  different cuts of meat. For example, one day we picked up what looked like chicken wings that turned out to be only the inside piece. They didn’t include the tip or the drumstick. Another time we bought chicken breasts which came skinned and deboned but it was the whole breast. This grilled chicken that I had was a whole breast that had been pounded, marinaded and grilled. It was very tasty along with mashed potatoes, steamed vegies and a little sprinking of paprika for that artistic touch.

One of the specialties of the house are shish kebabs which John had. We found that the beef here is a little tougher than we are used to but has a great flavour, but we really do need to experiment a little more…just to be sure.

After dinner the staff brought out a creme caramel for the birthday girl Charlotte. Nice thing about the caramel, you can only put one candle in it. LOL

The staff at the restaurant wishing Charlotte “feliz cumpleaños”

And finally a group shot of the gang. It’s wonderful meeting new friends who enjoy Costa Rica as much as we do. Tonigh there were folks from Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta  and California. Hopefully we will see them all again next year.


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