Another Construction Zone

Here we are in our winter home, Las Calas Rojas in Playa Del Coco where we thought we would come and relax after a stressful year in Canada (more on that in another post) only to find ourselves in yet another construction zone but thankfully we’re not the ones doing the work. There was some damage done during the earthquake back in September, some cracks on the walls that needed filling and painting and some broken tiles on the roof. We arrived on Monday at 1:30 pm and the very next day they decided to start filling the cracks in our condo and since it was the original paint we decided to let them go ahead and paint the whole place. This meant that we had to run out to the paint store, choose our new colours, buy paint and rollers etc and get it back so when they were done filling the cracks they would just keep going.  Talk about a whirlwind of activity !!

Caesar, the manager, has hired a whole crew of guys to do the work. There are painters, tilers and guys climbing up trees. It seems that Caesar’s business has doubled if not more since the earthquake.

Alfredo came in and started to work right away on our place and his brother Jose came to lend a hand. It took them about a day and a half to fill and sand the cracks before they started to paint. Life in the apartment has been somewhat hectic.

They are such hard workers and are here at 7 am every morning (so much for sleeping in) and they cover all the furniture or move it out of the way, paint all day with one stop at lunch and then back at it till 4:30 when they put everything back into place and clean up.

When they are done, we give them a beer and they sit and relax for a bit before they leave for home. Alfredo, the older brother rides home on his bicycle while Jose jumps on his motorcycle, without a helmet, lights or even a license and speeds off into the sunset.

Today is Saturday and they have come to finish up, final touches of paint and cleaning the floors and the dust. Not sure any painter in Canada would be doing that. The painting is now finished and we can start to relax. We are looking forward to doing some shopping to make the place ours.


While the painting is going on there are guys on the roof replacing the tiles.  Apparently a couple are screwed down but the others just lay on top. It is hot and dangerous work but they just keep going and going.

Then while this is all going there is a couple of guys taking down some limbs of the tree next to the rancho. Apparently the tree is rubbing against the building and causing some damage. This is how they cut down trees in CR. One guy climbs up and ties all kinds of lines on the limbs, then they cut off branches with machete and when they are ready they cut the limb with a chain saw (Stihl, of course) then lowers parts down. This tree is called a Guanacaste and is one of the national trees that they make furniture from because it is so hard.


One response to “Another Construction Zone

  1. So that’s what’s going on. I wondered why you were not posting on FB about your arrival. You’ve been busy…even on vacation. This is a year you will not forget. The ‘moving’ year.
    Gotta say…those painters are sure cute! Not so bad to wake up to, right Rosie!

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