Sounds like a herd of elephants

Everything in Costa Rica starts very early in the morning….from the rooster who never seems to sleep, to the howler monkeys who start around 5:30 or 6 am. Then there are the workers, the guys who are redoing the roof tiles, who start just after 6. This morning we woke to what sounded like a herd of elephants over head. We heard some noise yesterday when they started on the other side of our building when they were moving the scaffolding and drilling but this morning they were directly overhead and sounded like they were going to fall right into bed with us. At home we occasionally hear a squirrel or a bird running along the roof but nothing like this.

The scaffolding is right outside our back window and they were taking off the old tile.

One guy loads the tiles into the pail and the guy on the roof hauls them up. It sure doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but these guys are young and appear to be used to the work.

They are a nice bunch of guys, always ready with a smile and eager to please.

There is a whole crew of guys who work from 6:15 am to about 5 every day. With this many guys they should be finished soon.

It is tough to watch them up on the roof in the blazing sun, with long pants, shirts, hats while we are in the pool cooling off.

One of the guys is in the back sawing up some of the wood from the guanacaste tree they took down last week. I think he is working on the lids to the septic system but I could be wrong…..hearing things after one too many margaritas.

And then there is Rafa, the gardener with the terrific smile who oversees everything that goes on. Some one brought him a leaf blower that he likes to use but they had to ask him not to use it until after 9 am but not  first thing in the morning. I am going to show him the picture of me with the leaf blower at the cottage and maybe have a blow off.

And now we are off to Coconutz for thanksgiving turkey to prepare for Black Friday shopping in Coco Beach. Who knew ??

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