Grey Cup football in Costa Rica

There are some things that guys cannot do without and that is football, especially when your team is playing in the 100th championship Grey Cup game in your home town. So even though you are not  in the country where the game is being played there must be a way to have a party and watch with a bunch of Canadian amigos.  And in Costa Rica any excuse to get together, cook and have a good time will do.

Two of our Canadian neighbours, Paul and Steve had just the solution. They hooked up the flat screen TV in the rancho and connected through a telephone/internet connection and voila the game was on. I’m not sure about the details but it seems to be a solution for a number of our Canadian amigos where they can connect from their local telephone/ internet so they can get their local calls here and also watch Canadian TV feeds. The image was a bit choppy but the guys didn’t care. Football requires a great deal of concentration for these guys.

So dinner was going to be in the rancho. Charlotte made up a great salad with tomatoes and cheese, Danny and Vicky prepared the now famous Louisiana green beans wrapped in bacon and baked with a sweet sauce (the recipe of course is a secret).

Paul and Steve played hosts and cooked up a great beef tenderloin on the BBQ. The tenderloin was bought from the local butcher and is perfect for grilling and for a large group.

Here is chef Paul doing his magic.

Along with the beef there were veggie packs of potatoes, onions, beans mixed with peppers and mushrooms. There was so much food that John decided he didn’t need to do his planned dish of chicken fried rice. It was another great dinner with friends but is was also a birthday celebration, Paul’s was today and Steve’s was a couple of days prior so Charlotte bought them a couple of cans of beer just in case they ran out.

Hans used to live in our condo and is currently building a new home in Coco which we are really looking forward to seeing. One of the pictures he posted on facebook was one of the bathroom wall which he is creating by placing bottles in concrete. He dropped by to introduce us to his girlfriend Kelli and their new lab puppy Maya. (Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the puppy but I am sure we will get many in the days to come. She is a cute little ball of fluff.)

So it was another great night with good friends and good food and oh yeah Toronto won the football game so our guys were happy even Danny who never heard of three down football.


2 responses to “Grey Cup football in Costa Rica

  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun. What is Clos? I see it in one of the photo’s on the table. It looks like a juice box but somehow I doubt that.
    xxx Susan

    • Only a Doyle would pick up on the box Susan. Clos is the vino that we drink here. It’s from Chile, comes in red and white and cheap as chips @ $5 US per litter.

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