Another great fish dinner

Paul and Steve went fishing with Danny, Rafa and his crew yesterday. I hear the ocean was a tad rough, the boat was a-rocking and it was somewhat uncomfortable but they did catch fish…. a number of mahi mahi and even a striped marlin went for their bait before getting away. But when they catch fish it means another great dinner at Coco Palms restaurant where they will cook up the fish and everyone has a great time.

It was a large group this time, there were ten people from our condo alone, including a couple from North Carolina who are here on holidays and staying right above Danny and his wife Vicky. We all look forward to these dinners as a way to hear great fish stories and get together for a good time.

The apppetizer is always ceviche which is fish that is marinated or cooked in lime juice. I have provided a recipe for this in past blogs. This is a really refreshing dish but it can be a bit squimish for some folks, the same way that sushi can turn some people off. John and I first had this with our Peruvian friends when we worked at AM International but that was many moons ago.  Included in the dish with plenty of limes are red peppers, red onions ad culantro

Fresh fish cooked with lime

After the first course they bring out the rice and beans, side dishes, which I always look forward to and then they bring the main course….the fish cooked a number of different ways. Tonight they had grilled, beer batter, panko and pinapple. Wow what more could you ask for.

Even people who don’t like fish (who are they?) like this dinner.

On the television and all around town folks are getting ready for Christmas. At Coco there are a number of Xmas “things” to get the the holiday started.

I always though John was bigger than Santa.


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