Early Christmas in Coco Beach

There was an early Christmas party here at the condo last week. Danny and Vicky were going home on Sunday and had planned a party for a few of their friends. Danny invited a few families from Coco, Rafa his fishing captain, Rafa the gardener at the condo and another family he takes care off.

Kids just love the water and they had a blast in the swimming pool. Here are a couple of photos.

P1040188 P1040170 P1040172 P1040173 P1040175 P1040176 P1040178 P1040180 P1040181 P1040182 P1040183 P1040184 P1040186 P1040187

After the swim the kids devoured two large pizzas covered with cheese and pepperoni. I heard that one boy downed one piece in a matter of seconds and then looked at Danny with huge eyes as if to say “May I have more please…..” sound familiar.

Then Santa Danny gave out presents and the kids went home happy. Danny is back in Louisiana and won’t be back in Coco until Dec 27. What a life, three weeks in Louisiana and three weeks here.


One response to “Early Christmas in Coco Beach

  1. The kids are so cute. What a fun day for them. Must say the weather looks amazing down there. Every time I see a photo of John he looks so happy! Nice to see.

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