Home delivery

We are so lucky living in this condo. We get home delivery from a few different food trucks a couple of times a week where we can buy anything from baked goods to Italian specialties.

A couple of times a week the German Bakery truck drops by with an assortment of baked goods. The first year we were here and went to Monte Verde with Roy to do the ziplining we passed a number of signs advertising the Germany Bakery…..who knew. I understand that it was established by a German gentlemen who decided to settle in Costa Rica and wanted some of his favorite foods.

German Bakery

Two chicos drive up a couple of times a week sometimes on Monday and Friday but you learn not to rely on these times. No time or date is set in stone here and is subject to change. “Ahora” which means now could mean in the next minute or  next week. The truck offers all sorts of goodies from bread, baguettes, multi-grain,croissants (plain or stuffed with hazelnuts), hamburger buns to carrot cakes, muffins.

Chicos from the German bakery truck

All you have to do is pick which items you want and they will wrap it up and  it’s back to the condo you go. I was going to include a picture of some of the goodies that we got but we ate them before I could grab the camera.

Then there is the Italian truck which is owned by Paulo and Rosanna. The truck apparently comes from San Jose and makes his way through small towns up to Coco Beach.

Paulo, Rosie &; Rosanna

The truck is absolutely jammed with all sorts of goodies. Fresh sausages, salami, olives, canned goods like artichokes and tomatoes and an array of great wines.

Red wine and salami

Here is some red wine and salami that we bought this week. The prices are great….the red wine was 4,000 colones ($8 US) for 750 mls and the salami is well aged and costs 6,000 colones. We also bought some kalamata olives, fresh sausage  and trugulo cheese which is a soft cheese imported from the Piedmonte region of Italy.  Add this to the baguette from the bakery and you have a feast.

Paulo knows about everything he carries on the truck and what everyone likes so if he gets something new that he thinks you will like he’ll let you know.  Rosanna manages the money and prattles on in Italian while Paulo is filling the order.  Whenever the truck comes there is always a line up from our  units and other friends from other condos around the block.

Lining up for the goodies

Here is Paulo and his truck.

Paulo and his truck

There are other folks who also drop by, like the bunch that sells shrimps and fish from a cooler in the back of their old beat up car and the kids who peddle little patties similar to empanadas that are stuffed with rice and chopped meat such as chicken. So we could really just hang around the pool all week long and wait for these deliveries but every once in a while we need to take the 10 minute walk into town.


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