What Lola Wants….

One of the things we enjoy most about travelling is meeting new people and hearing about their lives and adventures. We recently met our neighbour Clio while cooling off in the pool, and he certainly has an interesting story to tell. Clio lives in number 10 right across from us, has been an owner here for a couple of years now and hopes to spend a number of months here relaxing and soaking up the sun when his place is not rented out.  Though when he is not here or at home in  North Carolina he may be found as a dancing companion on a cruise ship sailing through the Mediterranean or any number of exotic locations.  Clio works directly with a talent agent and not the cruise lines, and receives lists of  upcoming cruises. I think he prefers the Cunard line which includes the Queen Elizabeth and sails out of London. When  he selects a  trip  he  pays a fee to his agent,  then attends the cruise as a passenger and gets to enjoy the sailing along with the other guests. In the evening he and his other dancers will invite single ladies over 18 to trip the light fantastic. I understand that he has a number of dances in his repertoire  including the tango, salsa, merengue, foxtrot and waltz. Some nights he is required to wear tuxedos and other nights only a suit and tie….what a rough job.

Cloi and his fellow dancers

Clio was recently on a trip to the Mediterranean but they had to call off a couple of stops in the Middle East, Israel I think and one other location.

Who was that masked woman??

Cloi and another dance partner

This sounds like a great job to me and Clio meets a number of interesting woman and I am sure has a lot of stories to tell.  Imagine sailing around the world, dancing the night away

One day Clio invited us to lunch at a place he knew not from from Tamarindo called Lolas. We left at about 10 in the morning for the hour and a half trip along the typical bumpy Costa Rican roads and took a detour though Tamarindo. The beach is touted as a surfing beach and attracts a number of young surfer dudes. It reminds me of Wasaga beach in Ontario, very touristy with lots of bars, surf boards and souvenir shops.

Tamarindo Surf Shop


Lolas is at Playa Avellanas which is just south of Tamarindo about 10 kms along a very bumpy road. We had to close all the windows and turn on the air conditioning to get away from the dust. The restaurant was named after a very large pig that the owner kept on the property. The pig would lay around and occasionally get up and waddle down for a swim in the ocean. Now that’s the life of a pig in Costa Rica.  Lola has a face only a mother could love.

Lola in all her glory


The beach is also known for its surfing but it seems to be better for boogie boards than surf boards but it is a great place to have lunch.

Beach at Lolas

The lunch was absolutely amazing. The  reviews say that the menus cater to vegetarians but they have great salads, pizza, sandwich. John had a grilled tuna salad, I had tuna sandwich and Clio the primavera salad (sorry no pictures, we were too busy eating!!). We have found that the salads here are absolutely amazing….they taste so fresh and usually include a whole assortments of goodies. The staff are very friendly. Alejandro was our waiter but everyone stops by to make sure you’re having a great time.

John and Alexandro

The tables and chairs are all made out of local wood and make the ambiance.

John and Cloi

It’s such a nice place the iguanas come to eat as well.

Iguana at Lolas

Then it’s adios to the parrot and we going back to Las Calas Rojas for dinner with Gord and Charlotte…..seems like all we do here is eat, drink and swim, sounds a lot like Lola.

Parrot at Lolos

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