Boys will be boys

Condo Number 6 at Las Calas Rojas is owned by Sly and his wife Rachel from Quebec. We met them last April 2012 when they were here with their son Frank. They had just purchased the apartment and were in town to get it ready for renting. They cleaned it from top to bottom (they have an upper apartment which has a vaulted ceiling and the highest point is about 12 – 14 feet high). They repainted, which hadn’t been done since the condos were built, bought new furniture and worked very hard to get it into shape which is even more difficult with the heat. Frank had taken some vacation time to help his parents with the work, and now it has finally payin off for him. He is here for 2 weeks over the Christmas holidays with two of his friends. Frank came with one of his  friends Giovanni and got right into the spirit of Costa  Rica and two other friends came a couple of days later. They are getting out and about and having a great time.

One day they came back from lunch and announced that they were going to have a dive lesson in the pool. None of them had been scuba diving before but there are a number of local shops that will provide a one hour PADI course that will teach them the basics after which they can go out on a dive trip for a couple of hours.   One of the guys was taking blood pressure medication which he indicated on the questionnaire that they are required to complete before they can take the course, that and the amount of cervasas they were drinking since they got here meant he had to have a physical before he got the OK to dive. Unfortunately for him, the doctor recommended that this was not a good idea.

So the instructor shows up at the condo with 4 sets of diving gear to give the guys their lesson. First he shows them the gear, all the individual pieces,  what they are for and how they go together etc.

Scuba Lesson in the pool at the condo

A little one on one attention is always helpful. The instructor is  french which is very helpful since Frank and his amis speak some english and very little spanish.

One on one instruction

Now that they have the equipment basics it’s into the pool for details on how to breathe. They will need to know how to remove their regulator , throw it behind their back, find it and put it back in their mouths. They will also know how to breathe regularly, watch their buddies for signs of danger, clear their masks and what to do in case of emergencies.

Into the water for more scuba instructions

Then it’s time for a swim around the pool. I would think this is the hard part since the pool is pretty small especially with 4 guys following each other around.

Can you talk under water?

The lesson has  got the attention of our neighbour Nicole. She likes to know everything that is going on. Nicole has a set of goggles that have frogs on them and we call her the “la ranita” the little frog. She looks just like a spanish Shirley Temple.

Nicole watches over the divers

Nicole loves to be the centre of attention

A couple of laps around the pool and they are ready to go diving.

Mr Macho


2 responses to “Boys will be boys

    • Hey Myrna,
      Yes they had fun and then after the lesson they went out on a dive and saw sharks, Moray eels and manta rays and they were so pumped. Have a great new year and say hi to Sandy for us.

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