Christmas Eve Dinner

It seems somewhat surreal being here in Costa Rica for Christmas. When we first arrived on November 12 we were first hit by the heat which takes some getting used to and then we were bombarded with Christmas. It was very similar to being at home. There were Christmas goods in all the stores, as well as all the ads on TV for perfumes, toys, groceries, you name it, but it is hard to get into the spirit with the temperatures around 80 degrees.

Around town restaurants were putting up Christmas blow ups . This Santa was at the Coco Palms restaurant where we had fish dinner with Danny and some lucky fishermen.

John and Santa at Coco Palms restaurant

All around town they were putting up decorations, some on the boardwalk,  in private homes on the walk back from town or on the roof of the medical centre where santa got covered in dust but no snow.

Christmas tree on the boardwalk

Santa with his naughty and nice list

Dusty Santa

Some one said to me once …I like reading your blog but why do you write some much about your food and  drinks. I write about it because that it usually one of the things that we have in common with our new friends. Here at the condo there are some permanent residents who live here all year long as well as part timers and renters and there is always some activity revolving around food. It could be the fish dinner with Danny and his fishing charters if they are successful, a pot luck meal on the spur of the moment if there is a special at the supermarket or a celebration such as a birthday or Christmas. And that was the reason for a number of fabulous meals this week.

Dominic and his family hosted dinner on Christmas eve which is the main event for Costa Ricans and they worked for days to prepare a sensational meal. Dominic and Maria Jose were in San Jose earlier in the week doing some Christmas shopping and picked up a leg of pork which was marinated for a couple of days and roasted on the day. The roast was absolutely delicious and served with baked stuffed apples.

Roast leg of pork and stuffed apples

Along with the roast we  had garlic mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables (which included chayote which is part of the squash family and very popular in Latin American cooking). And as if this wasn’t enough there was a sweet and sour sauce as well as a savory gravy.

Garlic mashed potatoes and mixed vegetable

To top this off Dominic made a “Tres Leche” (3 milk) cake which is a white cake that is baked and then cut in the pan and covered with a mixture of whole , condensed  evaporated milks that is spiked with rum and served with sliced bananas and whipped cream. It was so good we forgot to take pictures, guess we’re going to have to come up with another reason to make this again.

While we were there Dominic’s family from San Diego skyped and were showing off all the great food they had made for their Christmas dinner. It sounded liked a wonderful Italian meal with seafood, salamis etc. We are all looking forward to when Dominic’s sister Vera and her husband Vic show up in March for more great meals.

Many thanks to Dominic, Mary Joe, Ruth and Nicole for a wonderful meal and including us in their celebration.

The Christmas eve dinner gang

Gordon and Charlotte were  at tonight’s dinner as well and in the next post you can all drool over the wonderful turkey dinner that they prepared.

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One response to “Christmas Eve Dinner

  1. Of course everything is about the food! It’s the best time to be had by friends and family.
    I love reading about your culinary adventures in the sun.
    All the best to you and John in 2013!

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