Dining with the rich and famous

The Guanacaste region of Costa Rica is very popular with the jet set crowd. A few of our neighbours include Brad and Angelina, Bill Gates, Bruce Willis just to mention a few. Now that the new terminal has been completed at the Liberia airport celebrities can fly their planes into the old terminal, get into their limos without being bothered by the riff raff. They are then taxied to their multi million dollar homes on private islands or mountain tops  in and around Playa Hermosa. This location is very exclusive and the views  are breath taking. 

Linda and Carl are from Oklahoma and stayed in Unit 7 for a week. One day they went fishing with Danny and caught a sail fish and a couple of snappers. They also ran into a couple of fishermen out on the ocean and bought some langostas and some oysters so a good days fishing all around. They are a really nice couple and it was great getting to know them. That is probably one of the things I enjoy most about travelling is getting to meet new people  and here you get to meet some one new almost every week.

Linda is amazing and every day she would go for a “run” on the beach. Linda’s run consisted of running south to the end of the beach which is just past town, about 2.5 km one way, then running up to the north end and south again, about 8 km in 30+°C weather.  It was exhausting just watching her.

On their last night we decided to go to Hermosa to check out a restaurant called Ginger’s http://www.gingercostarica.com/. Some of the celebrities are supposed to hang out there when the chef has the night off. The restaurant is touted as  “tapas”  style where you can order a number of small dishes that you can share with everyone. We had a few dishes such as potstickers, snapper filets, stir fry, sounds more asian than spanish but they were very tasty. These are ginger rolls which is poached salmon wrapped in something like chinese dumpling.

Ginger rolls
John ordered the Mongolian ribs that were very tender, gooey and tasty.

Mongolian ribs

Carl ordered a shrimp stir fry with an assortment of really crisp and fresh vegetables.

Stir fried vegies with shrimp

We ate on the terrace overlooking the street.

John and Danny

We took a couple of pictures and pretended to be stars but no one asked us for our autographs but Linda and Carl looked like they had fun. I know they really didn’t want to leave the next day but maybe if we’re lucky they’ll be back again next year.

Linda and Carl

I guess Brad and Angelina didn’t get our invitation as they didn’t show up for dinner. What a pity !!

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3 responses to “Dining with the rich and famous

  1. You are the rich and famous! In our family right now at least. The rest of us are in the frigid hells of winter. Or dark, wet, rainy days. Take you pick…I’d choose Costa Rica.
    The dinner at Ginger’s looks awesome. Enjoying your posts. xxx

  2. Hi Rosie and John!
    How are things in Playa Del Coco? We miss everything about Costa Rica and miss our new found friends! I still enjoy your blog and pretend I am there with you guys soaking up the rays, walking on the beach, toasting with our friends and trying to figure out how much of Danny’s stories are true (ha). You should be heading North pretty soon?


    • Hey Linda and Carl,
      Yes we are still here in Coco having a wonderful time and thankfully we won’t be going back until the middle of April when hopefully the snow will have gone by then.

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