Now is the summer of our upheaval….

Now is the summer of our upheaval. Made glorious only by thoughts of going back to Costa Rica. My apologies to Shakespeare for butchering these lines but I couldn’t resist.

It has been almost two months since we got back from Playa Del Coco and while we miss it terribly we are much too busy to think about it. This summer is turning out to be a whirlwind of activity and more work than we had thought but I think it will be worth it. At least that’s what I am telling myself cause we are both so tired and sore it better be worth it.

The spring started out pleasantly enough. We got up to the cottage on Sunday of the May 24 weekend. In Canada we pretend to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday but really it’s the first long weekend of the season when we can finally start planting flowers and break into that twenty four pack of beer.  The daffodils had long gone but this is what our lawn looks like once the snow has melted and the sun gets to work.  This is one of the sights we like to come back to every year.

Last fall we had to install a new septic system and we were anxious to see how things turned out. The original system was getting old and dilapidated and trust me I know how that feels.  As with most things one change leads to another, so with having to move the new system up behind the cottage away from the lake front also required major plumbing and electrical changes.  But hey, we were going to get a brand new system that  we could depend upon so we bit the bullet and went ahead.

We were happy to be back up north and looking forward to a nice summer but when we got here and looked around we decided the place could use “some” sprucing up and I use that word some loosely. It had been a while since the cottage had been painted and was looking a little shabby so we decided to call in a contractor to do the work for us.

Our contractor Ed showed up on a rainy Friday and said “I’m going to get wet anyway so I might as well do the pressure washing today”. And yes he did get very wet and cold and sore. He had forgotten to bring his ladders with him so John lent him the wooden ones that were in the cottage when we moved in. I’m sure Ed thanked the day they made aluminum and will never forget his own ladders again. And this started the project that was supposed to be a week, week and a half tops – at least that was what I thought.

Part of the project was to replace the skirting around the basement. The board and batten was in bad shape  so John decided we should remove it and replace with new plywood and lattice for a decorative touch. The work started out amazingly well. The old boards were removed just before lunch and the place looked like a tornado had gone through.

John  loves doing this type of work and is always keen to get involved and do whatever he can to help out.

The guys came back after lunch bringing more tools and the second whirlwind hit. Saws and nails were going furiously and before you knew it most of the plywood was back up.   While the plywood was going up  John was painting it so that the lattice could be put up the next day.

Ed and Bruce arrived bright and early the next day and laughed when they discovered that we weren’t up yet and kid us every day that the management are supposed to be up first and eating breakfast on the deck to keep the mosquitos away. These guys are quite the pair; Ed,  the younger one who owns the business,  and Bruce, who is 70 years old, work well together and have a great time cracking jokes and making wise cracks but are very hard workers.

Bruce doesn’t take any guff from anybody and gives as good as he gets.

By the end of the second day the old skirting was down, the new plywood up,  painted,  most of the lattice was in place and lots of old lumber to take to the dump. Dave, our neighbour, was nice enough to lend us his trailer to haul the stuff away.  Fortunately it only took 2 trips to  dispose of the evidence as well as that wonderful purple reading chair.

And look who we bumped into at the dump.

And this was the beginning of our upheaval. Stay tuned for progress updates.